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Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Program

Did you know that the second largest use of energy in a home, next to space heating, is water heating?

Did you know that installing low-flow plumbing fixtures in your home will reduce both water and energy consumption?

Manitoba Hydro's Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Kits include environmentally friendly low-flow plumbing devices that use less water than standard devices. Reducing your water consumption will in turn reduce the energy required to heat this water. So, in addition to saving water, you'll reduce your annual energy bill and carbon footprint all at the same time.

The Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Kits are available at no charge and may include up to two low-flow showerheads, low-flow aerators for your kitchen and bathroom faucets, a length of hot water heater pipe insulation and other items that will help you save water and energy. Together, these items have the potential to save you up to $65 per year on your energy and water* bills.

*Based on City of Winnipeg water/sewer rates

Who is eligible to participate?

If you have recently participated in Manitoba Hydro's Affordable Energy Program (AEP) you will already be receiving the benefits of using water and energy saving devices. The AEP program offers similar technologies and there would be no added benefit for you to participate in the Power Smart Water and Energy Saver program.


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Kit Contents:

Energy-Efficient Massage Showerhead*

The pressure enhancing massage showerhead uses up to 40% less water but gives a satisfying shower with two spray patterns.
*Kit includes up to two standard fixed or handheld low flow showerheads.

Water-Saving Bathroom Aerator*

This aerator uses up to 40% less water
*Kit includes 2 low flow bathroom faucet aerators.

Water-Saving Swivel Kitchen Aerator*

This aerator uses up to 40% less water. The kitchen aerator has a swivel feature that makes your faucet easier to use.
*Kit includes 1 kitchen swivel aerator.

Foam Pipe Insulation*

The insulation wraps around your hot water pipes and saves you money on your water heating bill.
*Kit includes 3 metres of hot water heater pipe insulation.


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